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A Tarsier

HabitatTarsiers live in some parts of Philippines and in Indonesia. 
Height : 10-15cm
Weight : 120-170gm
Life Span : 8-12 years
Body length : 10- 16cm.

★ Tarsiers spend there entire life on trees, even while sleeping. hunting or giving birth.

★ Its a nocturnal and carnivorous animal with large eyes, a long tail and ears which can move to determine the location of the prey.

★ Tarsiers have a maximum body length of 6⅓ inches and a 10½ inch tail.

★ Their eyes are so large that they would be equivalent to grapefruit-sized eyes in a human being.

★ Philippines' tarsiers are smallest of all tarsiers and their eyes are as big as their brain.

★ The most unusual thing about this animal is its flexible neck that it can turn up to 180 degrees.

★ Their size is same as that of squirrel.

★ Since they can't walk, they hop when they are on ground and mark their trees with their urine.

★ Interesting Tarsier fact is that Tarsier is neither a monkey nor a primate, something in between.

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