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11 Dimensions

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The string theory unifying all the matter and space also known as theory of Everything (TOE) suggests that all particles, if we were to sufficiently magnify them (which we can't), are actually vibrating strings.

Strings are 1 dimensional objects. Their different patterns of vibrations give different particles different properties. Therefore all the particles that are detected are reduced to only strings. But for the string theory to work properly, the string needs to vibrate in not three but 11 dimensions.

It predicts that the extra dimensions are curled up to very small spaces in shapes known as calabi-yau space. When we move we are actually moving through 11 dimensions.

┗▶ In this picture ::
Levels of magnification:
1. Macroscopic level – Matter
2. Molecular level
3. Atomic level – Protons, neutrons, and electrons
4. Subatomic level – Electron
5. Subatomic level – Quarks
6. String level

┗▶ My opinion ::
No one knows the perfect orientation of the 4th Dimension and this theory accounts for 11 dimensions. It is also said that this theory will explain each and everything that we need to know to understand how really the universe works but its success is way too far as there are only 3 dimensions understood and 8 dimensions are more for us to still discover ....... =(

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