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The Berlin Wall

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★ Just after midnight on Sunday , August 13,1961,trucks rolled through the silent streets of East Berlin.

★ At the border with West Berlin soldiers jumped out & blocked the streets with coils of barbed wire.

The Berlin Wall had been born.

★ Since its formation in 1949 ,West Germany had prospered.By 1961 its people were among the best-off in the world.East Germans were less fortunate. 

★ Their wages were lower.

★ They had less to buy in the shops , less chance to speak their minds.Millions fled to the West . 

★ By July 1961, the number of East Germans making these one-way trips had risen to 10,000 a week. 

★ Many were highly skilled workers : engineers,Doctors , scientists.

★ East Germany’s rulers knew that their country could never prosper without such people.

★ They built the Wall to stop anybody from leaving.

★ It was not until 1989 that its people tore down the Wall as a first step towards re-uniting their city.

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