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Chewing gum —Chemical name

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★ A chewing gum is mostly plastic and rubber , the plastic that makes up a chewing gum is called "Polyvinyl Acetate" so chewing gum in chemistry is also called Polyvinyl Acetate.

★ There are to types of plastics in Chemistry ::
1-Thermosetting plastics : those plastics which can be repeatedly moulded like that of buckets in your house.
2-Thermoplastics : those plastics which can only be moulded once in their manufacture and afterwards cannot be softened like plastic of switches in your house.

★ If you sell an old used bucket, its worth something still, but the switch isn't worth anything as you cannot reshape it.

★ Thank God chewing gum is a thermoplastic otherwise like polythene bags, the same gum would also be reused possibly a thousand times !

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