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Cockroach Racing

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U might have heard of car racing , motor-bike racing or even cycle racing but what about "Roach racing" :O ?

—Cockroach Racing
The Story Bridge Hotel Cockroach Races started in 1982 when two old punters sat in the bar arguing over which suburb had the biggest and fastest roaches. They decided to race some roaches the next day and tested their alcohol-fuelled convictions in a parking garage, the bar crowd enjoyed it and thus the races were born.
At the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane they've been racing the insects every hot summery January 26 for the past 29 years.

┗▶ Race Rules
Racing is simple....the races are held in a circular track and roaches are then let go from an upturned bucket in the middle...first to the edge is a winner. Sometimes, things are made a little more difficult in the steeplechase events where a circular fence (garden hose) is used to enhance the spectacle and test the roach talent.
It is the job of the stewards to catch the first 3 cockies across the line. Their decision is final.
Only stewards are permitted on 'The Olde Canvasse'. Pitch invaders are liable to a $100,000,000.00 fine.

┗▶ Betting and Winners
There is no betting as such on the races . Instead entrants pay $5 to buy a roach and $5 to enter it or their own in a race.....all roaches are numbered (which is a very tough job), with first second and third receiving prizes..First gets a pack from the race sponsor and a trophy, second gets $25.00 cash prize and third get a $15.00 cash prize!!
Scientifically bred Cockroaches (of the highest calibre) can be purchased from the Stewards.

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