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Dinner in the Sky

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Hanging Restaurant | Dinner In The Sky:
"Dinner in the Sky" is a Brussels based restaurant that serves dinner for up to 22 people… 150 feet in the air! The specially-designed table and chairs are lifted by a crane.

Hungary opened "hanging" restaurant, which offers its visitors the opportunity to dine between heaven and earth, literally in the air at a height of 150ft.

Dinner In The Sky is for people who expect more from their restaurants than four concrete walls and a solid floor. It sounds completely insane, but as the most unusual - and entirely legal - way of getting high over dinner, it is the new must-do experience for the super-rich and adventure-hungry who yearn for something a little more extreme at mealtimes.

The whole contraption is attached by a steel cable to a giant crane arm that towers somewhere far above us. This is controlled by an operator who sits in his control cabin ready to press the button.

Every visitor is in a chair, sink and fastened to the table with four seatbelts. For hanging table can dine at the same time, about 20 people, which will serve six waiters. The chairs themselves are shaped like racing car seats and are attached to the table with lots of sturdy-looking nuts and bolts and a steel safety cable. The equipment and crane are rigorously checked before each event. The table, made from heavy-duty plastic on a metal superstructure, is nine metres by five and weighs six tonnes - as much as a large elephant. Although there is no floor underneath the chairs, in the centre of the table there is a sunken platform from which two waiters scoot about preparing dinner and drinks.

In addition to lunch and the thrill for visitors in the sky will play live music. For this group of musicians raised on the same height with the help of the second crane
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