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Einstein's Brain

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SECRET TO EINSTEIN'S BRAIN - one area of his brain was significantly different than most people's.

A team of researchers compared presereved Einstein's brain to other brains of normal people with an average IQ and found that, Einstein's brain was the same as all the others except in one particular area - the region responsible for mathematical thought and the ability to think in terms of space and movement.
Extensive development of this region meant that Einstein's brain was 15% wider than the other brains studied.
Uniquely, Einstein's brain also lacked a groove that normally runs through part of this area. The researchers suggest that its absence may have allowed the neurons to communicate much more easily.
This unusual brain anatomy may explain why Einstein thought the way he did
Einstein himself claimed that he thought visually rather than verbally and that words did not seem to play a role. Instead he saw more or less clear images of a visual kind.

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