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▬▬ Eminem Facts ▬▬

★ Eminem dropped out of school after failing 9th grade 3 times, mainly
because he skipped school too many times to battle kids on the street

★ Eminem was really quiet at school and had a hard time making friends, but
started becoming more social in the 8th grade. Eminem says that he was the
smallest kid in school.

★ Eminem worked for a factory called Gibbs Machinery when he was 16. He
had a lot of odd jobs (sweeping floors, taking out the trash) and also worked
at Little Ceaser's Pizza

★ When Eminem was younger, he would often come up with rhymes while
trying to fall asleep. In order to remember them, he used to write them on
the wall above his bed in pencil. Once, while he was trying to rub one of his
rhymes off, he accidentally scraped the paint off.

★ As a young boy, Eminem had a crush on Madonna

★ Eminem would spend hours at night studying the dictionary so that he could
expand his vocabulary for his raps. He wanted to concentrate a lot more on
his rap than school.

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