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Falkirk Wheel

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Union Canal - Rotating Boat Lift | Falkirk Wheel :

Falkirk wheel is the world's first of its kind located in Scotland and connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal.

The Falkirk wheel concept was an ambitious £84.5m project with the objective linking Scotland on the Forth & Clyde Canal and Union Canal, providing a corridor of regenerative activity through central Scotland.

There was a big challenge to link the Forth and Clyde Canal, which lay 35meter (115 feet) below the level of Union Canal. Historically, the two canals was joined at Falkirk by a flight of 11 locks that stepped down across a distance of 1.5km, but these has been dismantled in 1933, breaking the link.

Method of connecting these two canals by a boat lift. British Waterways were keen to present a visionary solution taking full advantage of the opportunity to create a spectacular structure that would act as an iconic symbol.

In result, perfectly balanced structure The Falkirk Wheel, the world’s first and only rotating boat lift was constructed.

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