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Ferdinand Magellan

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Ferdinand Magellan,a European explorer in the 15th-16th C, died while trying to find a western sea route to Asia.

But 1 of his ships was the 1st to sail around the world.

Of the 260 men who set out on this journey, only 18 survived this perilous trip.

After failing to persuade his own king, Manuel I of Portugal, to finance an expedition, Magellan went to the king of Spain, who gave him five ships and 241 men to look for the western passage.

He set sail on Sept 1519, but after a mutiny on the coast of what is now Argentina,1 ship returned to Spain.

The remaining 4 sailed across the Pacific Ocean. But the Pacific was far wider than Magellan had imagined.

Food and water gave out and the crew ate rats, ox hides and sawdust before reaching Guam. where they obtained enough food and water to make it to the Philippines, where Magellan was killed when he joined in a fight between Filipino groups.

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