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Galileo Galilie

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★ When Galileo 1st gave the idea in Italy that the earth revolves around the sun, it angered the religious leaders of that time according to their scriptures which says that the whole universe revolves around the Earth.

★ They felt so much offended that Galileo was presented and accused in the court and was given 2 conditions : Either to apologize from his devil for his mistakes or to face public prosecution i.e. death in front of public. 

★ He was so frightened for his statement that he apologized and on exiting the court he uttered silently to one of his friends that "My apology won't stop Earth from revolving around the Sun". 

★ This became the basis for modern Science and when his statement was proved, people finally learned to discriminate between Religion and Science. 

★ That was the begining if Renaissance Age in Europe.

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