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Gregor Johann Mendel

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★ Gregor Johann Mendel profoundly known as the genius behind the foundation of genetics had never ever studied biology.

★ He did his M.Sc in Mathematics and was then sent to a school as a Math teacher where he failed to maintain his position due to teaching problems. 

★ He then began his training as a priest and soon replaced an abbot of a monastery.
★ Luckily his parents were gardeners and having a practical knowledge of Gardening, he started observing the plants (mostly pea plants) of a huge garden which was a part of the monastery.

★ After a span of 8 years, he finally formulated his famous 2 laws of genetics and sent his works compiled in a diary to a biological research department in Germany where his work was not given much attention and he died before seeing the impact of his work.

★ After 35 years of his death, 2 friends, Hugo de Vries and Carl Correns rediscovered Mendel's laws and it was then after 35 years of his death that his work was investigated ,verified & appreciated and he is now regarded as the founder of Genetics — the most active branch in biology.

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