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The Issei and the Nisei

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The Issei and the Nisei

 In the early 1940s more than 100.000 people of Japanese descent lived in the United States.

★ These Japanese Americans were either "Issei" i.e those born in Japan or "Nisei " i .e American-born Japanese.

 After the attack on Pearl Harbor white Americans began to see every Japanese American as a potential spy or saboteur.Both Issei and Nisei were treated badly.

★ In March 1942, the government sent soldiers to take them from their homes to be interned in prison camps called " relocation centers ".

 Most of the internment camps were in remote , desert areas of the country.Over 100.000 Japanese American men, women & children were kept there for the rest of the war.

 In later years the American Civil Liberties Union called their internment " the worst single violation of the civil rights of American citizens in our history ."

 The internment of the Issei and the Nisei was more than unjust. Thousands of Nisei fought bravely in the American army.

★ And not one Japanese American was convicted of an act of disloyalty to the United States during the whole of the war .

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