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James Cook

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★ He was a British navigator and 1 of the World’s greatest explorers.

★ He commanded 3 voyages to the Pacific Ocean and sailed around the World twice.

★ He went on to become the 1st European to visit Hawaii and Australia’s East coast.

★ In 1768, he was appointed to lead a scientific expedition to Tahiti, a Pacific Island.

★ In October 1769, he became the 1st European to visit New Zealand.

★ In April 1770, his ship the “Endeavour” sailed into Botany Bay on the east coast of Australia.

★ He claimed the entire coast for Great Britian. In July 1772, he left England for another attempt to find the southern continent(Antarctica).

★ Later in 1778, he sailed to the northwest coast of North America.

★ In February 1779, he was stabbed to death in a fight with some Hawaiians .

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