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Koala Not Koala Bear !

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Did you know that the "Koala bear" is not really a bear, but is really related to the kangaroo and the wombat.

The name Koala comes from an Australian Aboriginal dialect; it means “animal that does not drink.”Since koala mostly eat eucalyptus leaves, which provide them with the water they need, they do not drink water or rather, they rarely do.

English-speaking settlers from the late 18th century first called it koala bear due to its similarity in appearance to bears. Although incorrect, the name koala bear is still in use today outside Australia – its use is discouraged because of the inaccuracy in the name.
So next time you see a Koala , try calling it only "Koala" and not "Koala bear".

Koala bears are marsupials—which means they can carry their young in a pouch. The word bear was added to their name only because they look like teddy bears! They are not related to the bear family. Koalas spend most of their day resting or sleeping. They interact with other koalas very little.
Koalas are nocturnal animals. Daytime is their sleep and rest time.

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