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Poo And Pee

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As well as putting fuel into our bodies, we also need to get rid of stinky waste.

Pee :
★ You pee between 1 and 2 litres of Urine a day.

★ In your life, you pee enough to fill a small swimming pool. That's a bout 45,000 litres.

★ Absolutely fresh pee has no smell. But as soon as it comes out of your body, the urea in it starts to break down and, boy, does it pong !

★ The smell in old pee comes from the gas ammonia. Ammonia is the gas found in smelling salts, fertilizers and explosives !

★ When Full, your bladder swells up like a balloon, and it is just about as thin-skinned.

★ Your pee is mostly water, plus a bit of salt, and the chemical compound Urea.

★ Urea is rich in nitrogen, which crops need to grow. But don't go peeing in fields —farmers have their own supply of urea that they put in sprays.

Toilet Tales :
★ The average human spends between 6 months and a year of their life on the toilet.

★ The average adult goes to the loo about four times a day.

Poo :

★ A good poo is about 75% water. Diarrhoea is even more watery. Water is absorbed as poo passes through the intestine, so the longer a poo stays inside, the drier it will be.

★ Of the non-watery bit of a poo, about a third is dead bacteria —the victims of the battle inside to digest your food.

★ Another third is stuff we can't digest, like cellulose (fibre). This helps move turds along, because it gives the gut muscles something to grip on to,

★ The final third is a slurpy mixture of fats, dead cells, salts, mucus and live bacteria. Mmm!

★ Poo is brown because it contains an iron-rich substance called bilirubin, which comes from old red blood cells.

★ Poo with a lot of fats or gas in it floats.

★ Newborn babies' poo is green. That's because they couldn't poo inside the womb, so bile digestive juices have been building up for months with nowhere to go.


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