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Sun Bear

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Body Size(Height) :1.2m - 1.5m (4ft - 5ft)
Weight30kg - 60kg (66lbs - 132lbs)
Top Speed 48kph (30mph)

★ Sun bears are so named because of the bib-shaped patch on their chests, which legend says represents the rising sun.

★ The Sun Bear is smallest specie of bear in the world found inhabiting the dense, tropical forests of south-east Asia as far west as Bangladesh and India and as far east as Borneo and Sumatra.

★ It is also one of the most unique, being the only member of it's family that has not only adapted to living in the jungle but also leads an exclusively tree-dwelling life. They are proficient climbers and have strong claws and jaws that are adept at ripping apart logs.

★ Also known as the Malaysian Sun Bear and the Honey Bear, the Sun Bear has a number of distinctive features most notably the orange U-shaped marking on it's chest from which it gets it's name.

★ Because they live in tropical temperatures, sun bears do not need to hibernate and are able to mate at any time of year and are also the only bears not to hibernate !

★ Sun bears are omnivores and feed primarily on termites, ants, larvae, honey and a large variety of fruits. They are well adapted for their diet. Their long tongue is efficient in removing honey and invertebrates from tree crevices.

★ Reliable estimates of the remaining population in the wild are lacking. However it is known that numbers are rapidly falling. The IUCN classifies the sun bear as vulnerable, making it the sixth bear species threatened with extinction.

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