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Why was the Eiffel Tower built ?

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 The Eiffel Tower was built for a variety of reasons.

★ The main reason for its design and construction was for the World Exhibition (also known as the Paris Exposition of 1889) commemerating the 100 year anniversery of the French Revolution in Europe that attempted to eliminate dictatorships and divine right kings and to create a more democratic government. 

★ Many of the French officials and people wanted to remember the 100 year anniversary by improving the quality of Paris and France. 

★ Many proposed that the building of new and beautiful buildings would be a good way to commerate the 100 year anniversary. 

★ All throughout France, many engineers and designers submited designs and ideas for new ways to improve France. 

★ Of the many ideas, Gustave Eiffel's design of the Eiffel Tower caught some of the most attention.

★ The Eiffel Tower with its great height could be great for experiments in pressure, temperature and radio telography. 

★ Twenty years after the lease for the Eiffel Tower had expired, many wanted to demolish it (many in Paris at the time thought it was a terrible eyesore). 

★ However, scientists and politicians wanted to keep the building for its use as a radio tower.

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