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60 people were sacrificed 1,100 years ago

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Peruvian mass grave unearthed where 60 people were sacrificed 1,100 years ago

1- A tomb containing the ‘perfectly intact’ remains of 60 people – who were slaughtered in sacrificial offerings more than 1,100 years ago – has been discovered in Peru.

2- Archaeologists found this "mass grave", in an eight metre deep and 150 metre wide pit, in Lambayeque on the country’s northern coast.

3- They also unearthed the remains of dogs and horses at the site, which is next to a key Sican ceremonial centre, in the historical Pomac Woods, 500 miles north of Lima.

4-  Archaeologists said the remains included headless skeletons and 30 skulls.

5- They were, more likely than not, offered in sacrifice to the gods of the Sican culture.

6- Dishes and ceramics were also found. In a feature on the find, it said: 'What most impressed the scouts is that in some cases gives the impression that the sacrificed were violently thrown from above.'

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