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Bajaj RE60 four-wheeler unveiled

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Bajaj RE60 four-wheeler unveiled

1- The Bajaj RE60 is modern India's answer to safe, convenient and economical commercial transport on the road.

2- Four years after Bajaj Auto showcased its ‘small car’ at the 2008 Auto Expo, the two- and three-wheeler giant has unveiled what it calls the RE60. 

3- “It is not a car. It’s a four wheeler,” said Rajiv Bajaj while addressing the media at hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi.

4- The RE60 will be built at Bajaj Auto’s Aurangabad plant and the launch will take place in a few months from now. 

5- The company refused to divulge the price. 

6- However, it said that the RE60 will deliver close to 40 kmpl and emit only 60g/km of CO2, making it one of the most fuel-efficient and green vehicles in the market.

7- The RE60 caters to the commercial passenger segment and is designed to gradually replace the autorickshaw as a mode of transport. 

8- And the Bajaj MD has a point, as the RE60, complete with four wheels and doors, is a much safer and convenient mode of transport compared to the three-wheeler autorickshaw.

9- The four-wheeler will have a 200cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected DTSi engine that will put out roughly 20 PS of power but the light kerb weight of just 400 kgs gives the vehicle a power to weight ratio similar to A-segment cars in India. 

10- The engine is mounted at the rear of the four-wheeler and as a result boot space is limited to 44 litres.

11- On the inside, the RE60 makes no fuss about what it is. 

12- The base model comes with an integrated digital fare meter in the dashboard. 

13- The instrument cluster is on the center of the dashboard with the gear lever just underneath it. 

14- The indicator and headlamp stalks are in the correct place on both sides of the steering wheel, which like that of a traditional four wheeler is circular in shape. 

15- The RE60 is designed to seat four passengers including the driver. That’s two upfront and two at the back.

16- While the RE60 is designed to be a commercial passenger vehicle Rajiv Bajaj does not rule out the possibility of the vehicle entering various peripheral segments as is the case with its three wheelers. 

17- Bajaj recalled Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit’s reaction to the RE60’s design as saying, “The autorickshaws are an eyesore for tourists and visitors.” 

18- It is true that the RE60 does look better than the autorickshaw, however, the biggest advantage of the four-wheeler over three wheelers is the enhanced safety thanks to a better balance.

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