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First Person To convert an element into another

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First Person To convert an element into another 

┗▶ Lord Rutherford was the first person to successfully attempt converting 1 element into another.

┗▶ In 1919, he bombarded alpha particles (2 protons) coming from uranium into Nitrgoen Gas. (An atom of Nitrogen has 7 protons)

┗▶ This is what happened on the atomic scale : 1 atom of nitrogen absorbed 1 alpha particle and at the same time also gave off 1 proton.

┗▶ Thus 8 protons were left inside the nucleus but an atom with 8 protons is called "Oxygen".

┗▶ So Rutherford had successfully converted Nitrogen into Oxygen and this process of converting 1 atom into another is called "Transmutation."

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