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Stinging Nettle

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Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle can be a very dangerous plant, because when you touch it with your bare skin, you will get a terrible sting, which is very painful.

2- This is called 'soi' in Kashmir, a terrorist plant and was used in schools by cruel teachers to punish students a decade ago.

2- The stinging sensation is caused by formic acid which covers the tiny hairs of the plant .

3- However , it has many health benefits :
· It is a good source of iron; it helps in treating anaemia and in forming the blood cells.
· Drink stinging nettle in the form of tea is useful in case of nosebleed and menstruation problems.
· It helps in minimising the risk of skin disorders and protects urinary and respiratory troubles.
· If you are facing hair loss problems for ages, you must consume stinging nettle to lessen the same.
· This plant is used to cure asthma, sinusitis, prostate, and arthritis. In Europe, it also helps in curing kidney infections.
· Lastly, in case you get any cuts, apply fresh juice of the Stinging nettle to stop the bleeding.

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