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TV presenters eat each other’s flesh

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TV presenters eat each other’s flesh

1- The two presenters of TV show Proefkonijnen (which means guinea pigs or test rabbits) brought reality television to a whole new level when they ate each other’s freshly cooked flesh.

2- Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno were earlier filmed while they were under local anaesthetic as a surgeon cut a piece of their muscle at a clinic.

3- Storm watched as flesh was cut from Zeno’s abdomen while another muscle was cut from Storm’s bottom.

4- A chef was brought in to fry their flesh on their TV show, in front of a studio audience.

5- Zeno and Storm then sat for a candlelit dinner – complete with wine – to dine on each other’s muscle.

6- Storm told ABCNews in the United States that the muscle was cooked to medium-rare in sunflower oil without seasoning.

7- “Nothing is really that special when you’re talking about the taste of the meat, but it is weird to look into the eyes of a friend when you are chewing on his belly,” Storm told ABCNews. ~


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