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1- Africa was connected to South America millions of years ago before the tectonic plates moved away from each other.

2- Africa is currently moving slowly in a northeast direction.

3- The Romans termed the continent “Africa Terra”, which evolved into Africa.

4- Africa is the place where humans first existed.

5- Africa is the second biggest continent on Earth.

6- Africa is the second most populous content, home to roughly 12 percent of all humans or 840 million people.

7- Cairo is the largest city with over nine million inhabitants.

8- The longest river is the Nile with a length exceeding 4,150 miles.

9- Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and feeds the Nile.

10- Africa has eight percent of the world’s oil reserves.

11- Africa produces nearly 50 percent of the gold in the world.

12- Africa produces 50 percent of the diamonds in the world.

13- The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world.It is more than 3.5 million square miles in size

14- Fossil remains show humans existed in Africa over 4 million years ago and perhaps as long as 7 million years.

15- The first recorded dominant civilization in Africa was the Egyptians in 3,300 B.C.

16- Africa is currently considered the poorest continent on Earth.(i don't know on what basis).

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