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Amazing Secrets (part-1)

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Amazing Secrets(part-1)

1.Straighten warped phono records.
-Place record between two sheets of glass, let sit in sun for a while.

2. Best way to clean phono records.
-Dip in solution of detergent and water, rinse and wipe dry.

3. Remove a stubborn screw.
-Heat with a soldering iron for a few seconds first.

4. Remove a broken key from a lock.
-Put some super glue on broken off part, insert, hold a few seconds and pull.

5. Remove a broken light bulb.
-Stick a bar of soap into jagged edges, use soap as handle.

6. Keep nails from splitting wood.
-Blunt sharp end of nail before you use by hitting with hammer.

7. Repair small holes in screen.
-Plug holes with clear nail polish, let dry, repeat until filled.

8. How to remove oil from a driveway.
-Cover with sand let stand for a few days, then sweep off.

9. Keep fish hooks from rusting.
-Stick them in a cork and submerge in some baking soda.

10. How to revive old razor blades.
-Rub them back and forth inside a drinking glass.

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