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List of Scientific Instruments (part-1)

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List of Scientific Instruments (part-1)

Altimeter- Measures altitude (uses in aircraft).

Ammeter- Measures strength of electric current.

Anemometer- Measures force and velocity of wind and determines its direction.

Audiometer- Measures intensity of sound.

Barometer- Measures atmospheric pressure.

Balometer- Measures heat radiation Callipers Measures inner and outer diameter of solids.

Calorimeter- Measures quantities of heat.

Cardiogram (ECG) -Traces movements of the heat, recorded on a cardiograph.

Chronometer- Determines longitude of a vessel at sea.

Cryometer -Measures very low temperatures, usally below 0C.

Dynamo -Convert Mechanical energy into electric energy.

Dynamometer -Measures electric power.

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