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Oarfish - Sea Serpent !

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1- The fish is called +Regalecus russelii+ or the +Streamer fish.+ 

2- It is a member of the Oarfish family and lives 1,000m beneath the sea and is rarely seen on the surface unless sick or dying. 

3- They also happen to look like some sort of mythical sea serpent.

4- It’s no wonder that there is a legend surrounding the fish. In Japanese folklore the Oarfish acts as a messenger of warning from the Sea God’s Palace. 

5- Whenever they appear on the beaches of Japan, an earthquake is imminent.

6- The oarfish is an extraordinary looking animal. 

7- Finding a fish that looks like a sea serpent is likely to make a strong impression on anybody’s mind. 

8- If a second extraordinary thing such as an earthquake happens later on, it is human nature to connect the two events even if there is no actual connection between them.

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