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*Its never too late to use our brains

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Moishe the Carpenter, returning home with his week's wages, was accosted by an armed robber on a deserted street.

"Take my money," said Moishe, "but do me a favour",  Shoot a bullet through my hat otherwise my wife
won't believe I was robbed."

The robber obliged. He threw Moishe's hat into the air and put a bullet through it.

"Let's make it look as if I ran into a gang of robbers," said Moishe, "otherwise my wife will call me a coward! Please shoot a number of holes through my coat."

So the robber shot a number of holes through the carpenter's coat. "And now…" continued Moishe.

"Sorry," interrupted the robber. "No more holes. I'm out of bullets."

"That's all I wanted to know!" said Moishe. "Now hand me back my money and some more for the hat and coat that you've ruined or I'll beat you black and blue!"(lmao)

The robber threw down the money and ran away.

* Moral: It's never too late to use our brains to get out of a difficult situation!!

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