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Charles I

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★ He was the 2nd son of James I of England and Anne of Denmark.

★ In 1625, he married Henrietta Maria, daughter of Henry IV of France.

★ Their children included Charles and James (who became Charles II and James II), and Mary who married William II of Orange and was the mother of William III.

★ He succeeded his father in 1625.

★ He believed in his divine right as king and struggled to control Parliament who resented his attempts at absolute rule.

★ One of his first acts was to dissolve parliament in 1625. In 1628 , he was presented with the Petition of Right a declaration of the “rights and liberties of the subject".

★ However, in 1629 he dissolved Parliament again, imprisoned its leaders and ruled without a Parliament from 1629 to 1640.

★ His advisers Earl Strafford and Archbishop Laud persecuted the Puritans.

★ The Parliament assembled in November 1640 under John Pym & passed an Act that prevented it from being dissolved without its own consent.

★ Laud and other ministers were imprisoned, and Strafford condemned to death.

★ In 1642, he declared war on Parliament by raising his standard at Nottingham and beginning the English Civil War of 1642 to 1648.

★ In 1649,he was tried and condemned to death.

Death is not terrible to me; I bless my God I am prepared’ – said he before his execution.

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