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Chrysanthemum —Brilliant Flower

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★ In China and Japan, the chrysanthemum is held in a very high esteem.

★ This flower is associated with cheerfulness, peace, friendship, optimism, loveliness.

★ Its name comes from the Greek “krus anthemon” which means gold flower.

★ Chrysanthemum flowers are used to make a sweet drink known as chrysanthemum tea that is considered medicinal in Asia which contains vitamin C which helps to ease heaviness in the head during cold & provide relief in sinusitis discomfort.

★ It also helps lowering the temperature of the body when suffering from fever or heat stroke & good for the detoxification of the liver and for lowering cholesterol levels.

★ Besides this,it helps in the treatment of coronary artery disease, blocked arteries and even varicose veins.

★ It calms down the nerves ,helps in providing relief in sore throat & respiratory problems.

★ Chrysanthemum tea also has minerals like calcium which is important for the teeth and bones,iron which helps in the transportation of oxygen through the blood & potassium which is needed for proper cardiovascular functioning and stabilizing the blood pressure.

★ It is called "Chrysanthème" in French , and " أقحوان" in Arabic .

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