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The Fox

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‎★ Foxes are essentially nocturnal animals and are the smallest member of the dog family.

 The most common species of the foxes is the red fox, which is about the size of a large cat. It is characterized by a reddish coat, a white underbelly and a bushy tail with a white tip, with some variations depending on the habitat. It is the largest of the fox specie.

 The grey fox is widely found specie that bears resemblance to the red fox. It is slightly smaller and has a grey coat.

 While the red fox prefers open country habitat for survival, the grey fox prefers dense areas such as forests to survive.

 The world’s smallest fox is the Fennec fox, weighing a mere 3.5 pounds. It is normally found in arid regions such as deserts. It has an exceptional hearing capacity and can detect its prey moving underground.

★ Foxes are known to have both canine and feline characteristics. Even though they are considered to be a member of the dog family, they have feline characteristics such as vertically slit eyes and retractable claws. They are excellent tree climbers and also play with their prey before killing it, just like a cat.

★ The sexual maturity is attained at around 10 months of age. The female fox produces a litter with around 3-5 pups and has a gestation period of 50 to 60 days. The young of a fox is referred to as “kit”.

★ Foxes are known to use a wide range of vocalizations and pitch tones to communicate with each other.

★ The fox is considered to be a sacred animal in Japan.

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