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Louvre Museum

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★ The Louvre Museum in Paris,France is the largest, oldest and most well known museum in the French capital and the largest single museum in the world.

★ Originally built as a military fortress in the 13th Century, the Louvre was a royal palace for several years during the 16th century before becoming a museum in 1793.

★ Since 1793, the Louvre has been gathering an incredible collection of ancient and Western art including 6,000 European paintings dating from the 13th century to the middle of 19th century and currently the Louvre displays over 35,000 pieces of art.

★ It could take visitors days to explore all the museum's long halls.

★ Top Arts ::
⇒ MONA LISA (Leonardo da Vinci)
⇒ Slaves (Michelangelo)
⇒ Embarkation for Cythera (Jean-Antoine Watteau)
⇒ The Raft of the Medusa (Théodore Géricault)
⇒ Venus de Milo
⇒ Victory of Samothrace.

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