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Real Dracula

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Dracula was originally a Romanian prince born in Transylvania in 1431.

He belonged to a club called "The Order of the Dragon." That's how he got his nickname, Dracula which comes from "Draco" which is Latin for "Dragon".

A member of this order would be referred to as Draconist or Dracul and son of Dracul would then be called Dracula.The word Dracul also has the meaning "devil" which sometimes leads to mistranslation of Dracula's name.

His real name was "Wladislaus Dragwlya or Drakwlya" and since he was a very cruel leader and having name "Dracula" , people started associating "Dracula" with socail evils. BUT THERE IS NO LINK BETWEEN DRACULA AND A VAMPIRE, however you may associate a Dracula with a Dragon.

Today "Drakula" or "Drakulić" (e.g. Slavenka Drakulić) is a common surname in countries of the former Yugoslavia.

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