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History of Chocolates

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History Of Chocolates

1- The earliest recorded using of choocolate is attributed to tribes of Southern Mexico (100 B.C.) The Olmecs used it as a drink.

2- People use cacao beans to produce chocolate. Cacao pods and beans grows on "Theobroma cacao" tree. Most scientists consider that cocao trees have been domesticated about 4000 years ago in South America.

3- In 1528 Famous Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez brought cocao beans from South America as a gift to Spanish royal family. Soon all Spanish Nobles got hooked on hot chocolate with spices.

4- The first time chocolate bar was made in Mexico about 300 years ago. 

5- Much later, Cadbury (British company) start to produce edible chocolate in the 1840's and it's become famouse worldwide.

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