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1- Earth is gradually slowing down. Every few years, an extra second is added to make up for lost time. Millions of years ago, a day on Earth will have been 20 hours long. It is believed that, in millions of years time, a day on Earth will be 27 hours long.

2- The length of time it takes for Earth to orbit the Sun is 365 and a quarter days. To make up this extra quarter which isn't counted at the end of a year, we have an extra day every four years on 29th February. This year, 2008, is a Leap Year. The next Leap Year will be in 2012.

3- A day on Mars is about half an hour longer than a day on Earth.

4- There is no time at the north/south pole as all time zones fall in to one place making it impossible to define the time !!!

5- Every day is about 55 billionths of a second longer than the day before it

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