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Discovered by :Clyde W. Tombaugh
Discovery date :February 18, 1930

1- Pluto is so small that it is only about half the width of the United States. This is the reason why some scientists call it " The Dwarf Planet "

2- Pluto and its moon, Charon are locked so that they always face each other with the same side.

3- A radio signal from Pluto will take more than five hours to reach Earth.

4- Pluto is smaller than seven sattelites of the Solar System, including the Moon.

5- If you lived on Pluto, you had have to live 248 Earth years to celebrate your first birthday in Pluto-years.

6- If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh only 7 pounds on the planet Pluto!

7- A Pluto's moon Charon is about half the size of Pluto. Charon is the largest moon compared to its planet of any moon in the solar system.

8- Pluto isn’t a planet any more, but it’s still a very interesting “dwarf planet” in the Solar System, worthy of our fascination and interest.

9- With this change, there are now only eight planets. Also because of this change, there is a new category of small planets known as plutoids.

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