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Waste Land by Thomas Sterns Eliot

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Waste Land by Thomas Sterns Eliot

Thomas Sterns Eliot is considered as one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. 

2- The Waste Land can arguably be cited as his most influential work. 

3- When Eliot published this complex poem in 1922—first in his own literary magazine Criterion, it set off a critical firestorm in the literary world.

4- It seemed too modern.Eliot produced a poem that seemed to incorporate many unrelated, little-known references to history, religion, mythology, and other disciplines. 

5- He even wrote parts of the poem in foreign languages, such as Hindi.

6- In fact the poem was so complex that Eliot felt the need to include extensive notes identifying the sources to which he was alluding.

7- Many see the poem as a reflection of Eliot’s disillusionment with the moral decay of post–World War I Europe.

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