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You can never count to one trillion !

posted by Di-G on


This one might be a no brainer if you've thought about it before. How many numbers can you count to in five seconds ?
For fast counters, out loud is about twenty seven seconds. In your head, it might be closer to thirty five.
Of course because higher numbers take longer to say, a fast counter can typically hit around 200 in sixty seconds. If you bring that up to an hour, it's somewhere around 1,200.
Doing the math without factoring in the amount of time it takes to say the higher numbers, it would take over 9,000 years to get to one trillion. If you're counting in your head, the results won't be much better.
If you count in your head for 24 hours straight, you will reach somewhere around 600,000. One whole year nonstop would give you 220 million, and if you counted for your entire life, you would only reach the billions, But you will never reach a "trillion".
Well, if you ever find yourself immortal and floating through space after the Earth is destroyed, now you know what you can do for fun.


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